The "Scruples Methodology"

The "Scruples Methodology", by Mark Annett, goes beyond the standard ethics mantra of "Do the right thing." The main character in the book comes to realize that "You can't just do the right thing; you have to do right by your company."

This book provides a strategy for making ethical decisions, called the "scruples methodology." It is based on the individual asking two simple questions. The first question is, "I have scruples; what is the right decision?" The second question is, "Okay, having made my decision, how can I maximize my return on investment?"

In order to make the "scruples methodology" as accessible as possible, this book is written in the narrative style made famous by Ken Blanchard. The main character, Tom Flanders, has just discovered that another company is being sued for something he instructed his staff to do 45 minutes earlier. It is the story of how he not only turns this event around but also his whole company, using the "scruples methodology."

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